In honor of Halloween, here is a photo of a big spider that plopped down right in front of me on a trail walk at Lake Lenexa the other day.  He was about the size of a quarter or Euro, and was busy spinning a very elaborate web.  Good thing I’m not afraid of spiders. […]

I came across this guy while on a trail walk the other day.  When I was able to get close enough to see the expression on his face, I nearly expected him to don a top hat, stand upright, and sing When You Wish Upon a Star like Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio.   You Might Also […]

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As February 29th approaches, I’ve been playing with the “sports continuous” mode on my camera so that I can capture a great “leap” photo to share on Leap Day.  I love this photo because although it was captured right as my daughter returned both feet firmly to the ground, it looks as if she’s standing […]