After a lovely weekend in beautiful Maastricht, I took the train to Paris which was the final destination of this latest business trip.  I took the inter-city train from Maastricht to Liege and then switched to the TGV (train a grande vitesse or high-speed train) which took me to Paris. You Might Also Enjoy: Other […]

Launched back in 1969, “Mind the Gap” is a mantra woven throughout the London Underground warning Tube users to be careful when stepping onto and off of the trains. You Might Also Enjoy: London:  Keep Calm and Carry On Paris:  Metro

At the east end of the Great Overland Station, a state-of-the-art Union Pacific passenger station when it opened back in 1927, is a Railroad Park which includes several historic Santa Fe rail cars.  The one pictured below caught my eye — particularly the balcony — and immediately conjured up an iconic image of Harry S. […]

Usually I get irritated when I have to stop and wait at a train crossing, but this time I was on a leisurely errand to the garden center and saw it as a photo opportunity, especially while this awesome A Little Graffiti and Wine post from Kyzmit fresh in my mind. What do you think?  […]