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This gorgeous, young deer let me get pretty close while hiking at Point Lobos in Monterey, California last August.  I’ve encountered quite a few deer on the Monterey Peninsula over the years including this momma and baby walking down the middle of the street in town and these guys along the 17 Mile Drive from […]

After taking these photos last Spring, I was excited for another chance to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge in August.  Unfortunately, it was a little foggy, but that is often the case in San Francisco. Here are three more photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below? Golden […]

Another long, lost photo from last summer I finally had a chance to share…

I’ve been wanting to add fruit trees to our yard for some time and finally got two peach, two cherry, and two apple trees planted.  I refer to the six, new trees as “our orchard” which usually results in a massive eye roll from Better Half. Here’s a shot of one of the cherry trees. […]

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