When we began planning our 3 1/2 day trip to Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium was at the very top of our “must see” list.  After visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium (as recently as last summer) and the Shedd Aquarium (although it’s been a few years), we just had to see the largest aquarium in the western […]

The orchids inside the Blue Morpho exhibit at the Powell Gardens were amazing!  Here are three different shots. What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below? Orchid Photo #1. Orchid Photo #2. | Orchid Photo #3. On Today’s Date in the Past: Spring in San Francisco Skinny Rule #19:  Sleep Right

Besides an early spring, we’ve had essentially no rain this April.  Thankfully, things are blooming like crazy nonetheless.  If April showers typically bring May flowers, I’m hopeful that all of the beautiful April flowers will bring us more showers in May.  Instead of boring you with a ridiculous number of flower shots one-by-one for a week […]