Spring flowers are some of my favorites, and tulips are at the top of the list.  Here are three different shots of some pink tulips.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?  Pink Tulip Photo #1.    Pink Tulip Photo #2.    Pink Tulip Photo #3.   On Today’s Date in the […]

I expected spring in New York to be on par with or lagging behind spring in Kansas City.  Instead, the tulips have peaked and the blossoms on trees are already turning into leaves.  Unfortunately it was still cold, overcast, and windy with few opportunities to really capture spring in the city, with the exception of […]

I am absolutely so totally and completely over the snow and winter.  It’s March.  Please can we have spring soon?  I’m doing my part to help by adding fresh, cut tulips to my dining room table.  It may not melt the two feet of snow outside, but it does bring a bit of sunshine inside. […]

Spring is my favorite season.  I love spring not just because it brings with it the promise of summer and six months of non-winter weather — more if we’re lucky — but also because I love crocus, daffodils, tulips, and the other bulbs that bloom in spring.  Over the years the woodland creatures have feasted on the bulbs […]