I used an umbrella to shield my camera from the snow when I took this latest round of snow shots as the snow started falling last night.  When I set the umbrella down to take advantage of a covered part of my house, I was struck by the irony of needing an umbrella to protect […]

May saw the start of my Fountains of Kansas City and Sculptures of Kansas City pages.  On two different occasions, I took a full day to run around town and capture as many fountains and statues as I could.  While I’ve not yet posted all of the photos I’ve taken, it’s become clear to me just how many […]

Some big storms rolled through here last weekend.  (I know I’m super late sharing these pics.  Raise your hand if you have a demanding, full-time job and are raising four kids.  Right, I know you forgive me!) These are two of my favorite shots taken on a leisurely stroll when the rain stopped for a […]