Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here are the last of the hearts and candy shots.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below? Heart Photo #1.  A pair of hearts among the pink candy masses Heart Photo #2.  How lovely to find your perfect match! Heart Photo #3.  Then I started playing with scissors… Bonus […]

The pretty white blossoms finally appearing on the trees in my front yard are falling like spring snow flurries with all the wind we’re experiencing.  This one fell into an evergreen in a way that almost made it look like the evergreen was in bloom. You Might Also Enjoy: Florida:  White Flower Blooming Evergreen Other […]

What do you think?  Do you have a preference between the two? Candy Heart Photo #1.  Kiss Me.  Love You. Candy Heart Photo #2.  Red and White. You Might Also Enjoy: Love You Heart of Hearts Wordless Wednesday:  You Are Mine Kiss Me

I realize I’m partial, but isn’t Calista such a pretty cat?  I just can’t help but drag out my camera and take pictures of her, even when she’s trying to nap.  Thank goodness she tolerates me! You Might Also Enjoy: Other Cali Posts Kitty by the Kaw You Know You’ve Adopted a Great Kitten When…